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Brings a true balance and serenity to your body and mind through the Vedic treatment rituals.




About Us

Shakti Veda is a wellbeing orientated Ayurvedic SPA & Organic Spice Bar on the famous Abbey Road in St. Johns Wood, London. In our centre we thrive to offer everything what Ayurveda can offer: Ayurvedic beauty, body & SPA treatments, health consultations, Ayurvedic cookery, Organic food items & Spices for your cooking or soothe your skin.

With the roots from Vedic tradition, Shakti translates from sanskrit as ‘immunity, vitality, energy’ and Veda as ‘knowledge’ hence here at Shakti Veda our services provide you with the energy and vitality for sustainable life through Ayurvedic practice. Our centre has been selected and built according to the Vedic architecture (Vaastu Shaastra) which provides a unique healing energy itself. A visit to our centre will restore your energy levels and will allow you to see your life in a different light.

From our unique ‘Shop by Dosha’ you can buy personalised products to aid your diet and skin care and a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Our treatments, personalised following an in-depth consultation, are based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda and integrates current medical practices and up to date research.

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Food and Lifestyle

In Ayurveda, food and lifestyle are interrelated life components used to maximise health potential. A saying from Ayurveda, ‘Food is your medicine’, is widely used in the modern world. At Shakti Veda we can help you re-root your lifestyle and food habits, help you through any life change you might be going. Our carefully selected consultations are designed to care for your lifestyle. They involve being able to eat, sleep, exercise and receive a massage/ therapy according to your unique bio-psychosocial constitution.

We take food and drink very seriously which is why through our Shop by Dosha we bring you a wide variety of products tailored to the needs of your body.

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Food and lifestyle

Massage & Therapy

Shakti Veda MassageOur multi-skilled therapists provide you with Ayurvedic massages or therapeutics to help you to overcome life challenges or simply to enhance your immunity. Uniquely, Ayurvedic treatments are designed to relieve the pain and tension, relax and invigorate your body at the same time. It promotes bodies self rejuvenation and leave you with a feel of forever young. Our integrated therapies are highly effective. Contemporary Physiotherapy is blended with Ayurvedic therapies to enhance the recovery.

Hair & Face

Hair by Shakti VedaAccording to Ayurveda ‘Health is Beauty’ and Ayurveda does it best. Indulge yourself with hair and face, decolletage and arm rejuvenation therapies. In Vedic tradition much attention is given to a human face, simply because the face reflects the overall feeling of the whole body and mind. By treating the face, decolletage, arm and head marma (vital) points the whole body benefits as they connect to all the body’s organs and organ systems, uplifting, energising and healing.